Wild Monkey Snaps a Selfie with Bali Visitors while Flipping off the Camera

A family of five on vacation in Bali got the craziest photo during their visit to the Ubud Monkey Forest.

The forest in Bali, Indonesia is his home to a plethora of primates and visitors often snap photos with them. Of course, few expect the monkeys to pose for the perfect selfie – much less to flip them off while doing so.

That’s just what this Queensland, Australia family got when they asked a local guide to take some photos for them.

Photobombing Monkey

Judy Hicks and her husband Simon were on holiday with their three kids, Elijah, Jimmy, and Kayleigh, when they visited the forest. There, as anyone might, they opted to get some family photos.

When they looked back at the snaps, however, they were stunned to find this monkey giving them the middle finger. As one might expect, they all broke out in laughter when they came across the funny photo.

Hicks said she thought visiting the primate-filled paradise “would be a fun experience,” and she was right.

She explained that after a guide offered to take a photo of them together, the monkey suddenly photobombed them. They didn’t realize at the time, however, that the little bugger would also flip off the camera.

monkey photobomb
Caters News Agency

Highlight to the Trip

The epic shot was captured back in December, but it didn’t hit the internet until this week. One of the highlights to their entire vacation, Hicks said the family would certainly return to Ubud again.

She said that the photo was certainly “something we can look back on to remember forever.”

And, as for Bali, she added that it’s “such a beautiful place,” and that her family “can’t wait to go back.”

Maybe they’ll find the same cheeky little monkey on their return trip.