What You Can Do To Support Your Community

We live in strange times, folks. Just as we all thought that COVID-19 was behind us and we were making progress, protestors took to the streets outraged at injustice. Rioters and looters have been throwing bricks through windows and taking any merchandise they can. You might be sitting at your computer right now wondering, what can I do for my community?

Clean up should be priority one. If your area has been affected by looters and rioters, contact local businesses or your local government and ask about cleanup efforts. Organize a socially distant cleanup party over Facebook or NextDoor.

Spend your money locally, supporting affected businesses. Buy gift cards to businesses that are still closed. Or, try to go out of your way to choose businesses that are struggling.

Work with organizers in your area to start and support peaceful protests. If you are worried about COVID, don’t feel bad for not being able to support in person. There are many local funds you can donate to right now. This includes your local chapter of Black Lives Matter and bail fund programs for protestors detained.