What Does Trump Refusing to Concede Mean for the Biden Transition Team?


Despite the election being called for Joe Biden by all major media outlets, incumbent Donald Trump remains defiant in the face of objective reality. The president has taken to Twitter to vent his outrage at what he describes as an attempt to steal the election from him.

However, in spite of Trump’s rhetoric and his campaign’s numerous lawsuits, there has been little, if any, evidence of voting irregularities in the 2020 election.

What will this mean for Biden’s transition team going into 2021? Biden is to be sworn in as president on January 20, 2021, at noon, as per the Constitution. However, Trump’s refusal to accept the results of the election muddy this process.

The Trump campaign is pursuing various lawsuits in states like Georgia and Pennsylvania, though it remains unlikely that these cases progress far enough to have any impact on the election. The real damage that Trump could cause the incoming administration is hobbling them by not allowing the transfer of power to run smoothly.

A Critical Moment

As the election fades into the mists of time, a familiar crisis is escalating in the US: the coronavirus pandemic is reaching new heights every day. Thousands of Americans have been sickened by the disease each day, and November has seen the case numbers skyrocket as cooler weather drives people inside.

The disease has also had a notable impact on the US economy, as people have been laid off and sectors of the economy have stagnated.

Pundits have called for a two-pronged approach to the crisis, a health response, and an economic response. However, the lame duck Trump Administration seems to have stopped any meaningful governance following the election: Trump himself told reporters during a press conference that his administration had no plans to encourage a lockdown. Meanwhile, Dr. Scott Atlas, one of Trump’s COVID-19 advisors, told residents of Michigan to “rise up” against the state’s lockdown measures.

Stifling Transition

In spite of conspiracy theories regarding the election, Biden’s team is preparing for the transition by doing what they can without the help of the current administration. However, without daily intelligence briefings and without the assistance of existing executive branch infrastructure, there is only so much the Biden team can accomplish before Trump formally concedes.

Some have even questioned whether Trump will offer a formal concession. However, one thing is clear: Trump’s court cases are making little headway, and Biden is the clear winner of the 2020 election. By January 20, many Americans hope Biden will have had time to be brought up to speed to handle the crises facing the US.