Warning: Mutant Fleas with Giant Willies May Soon Invade Homes

If you didn’t like the idea of fleas on your pets before now, you really won’t be happy. Scientists say that a swarm of mutant fleas is coming to the UK this summer, and bringing their giant willies with them.

Why Caused the Mutation?

Experts say that a warm winter and a mild, moist summer has created the perfect conditions for bugs of all kinds to thrive. The wet warmth is their ideal condition, so it only makes sense. You can expect to see these new fleas soon, as female fleas lay about 50 eggs a day and we are rapidly approaching their mating and hatching season.

These new mutant fleas are already bigger than the average flea, which is bad enough, but their penis is about two and a half times larger than the rest of their body.

Don’t Mess Around With Fleas

If you see your pet scratching excessively or find evidence of fleas on them, there is a chance your house is already infested.

Special shampoos are made for your pets and should be used, along with a full deep wash of all soft surfaces in the house fleas could be hiding in, or have laid eggs on, like carpets and blankets.

Don’t get caught unaware this year by these mutants!