Trump’s Schedule Shows his Only Current Concern: Protesting Legitimate Election Results


As President-elect Joe Biden goes about the work of spinning up his landing teams for his inauguration on January 20, Donald Trump is focused on sowing doubt about the election result. Despite Biden’s convincing margins of victory across the US, Trump has insisted, without evidence, that Biden only won due to widespread voter fraud.

The president’s own schedule shows that this is his primary focus at this point in his presidency. He has speaking engagements across the country and is planning to hold rallies to air his grievances with the Democratic vote, which he alleges was cast illegally.

However, neither Trump nor his legal team has yet been able to show any evidence of widespread voter fraud that would make a difference in the final distribution of Electoral College votes.

No One at the Wheel

Trump’s last intelligence briefing was on October 2, the day he was confirmed to have COVID-19. Since then, he has had very few official White House meetings, but over 50 campaign rallies. As such, it seems unlikely he has devoted much, if any, time to the actual work of governing the country that elected him to office four years ago.

Tellingly, Trump has not offered any remarks to the press since his loss. He has refused to field questions since November 3, but he has been spotted in numerous golf outings. In fact, when media outlets projected Biden as the winner of the election, Trump received the new while on a golf resort he owns in Florida.

Trump Avoids Work of President

As the president stews over his loss in the election, he seems resigned from his presidential work. Instead, he is focused on painting the election as a sham and decrying Republicans who have not offered a forceful enough defense of his conspiracy theory that the election was “stolen” from him. His first public appearance since the election came on Wednesday morning at a somber event held in honor of Veterans’ Day.

Trump did not speak during the appearance.

According to people close to the president, he is refusing to concede even behind closed doors. This, in turn, has led to White House officials telling appointed and career civil servants in the Executive Branch that any cooperation with Biden’s incoming team is forbidden.

This is highly irregular in American history, and could result in Biden being ill-equipped for handling the various crises threatening the US when he takes office.