Trump and Obama Clash Publicly Over White House COVID Response


An unusual election year marked by a pandemic has brought former president Barack Obama back into the spotlight. After appearing in campaign ads and endorsing Joe Biden, Obama has been much more visible.

Apparently, Obama thinks the country’s leaders are not “even pretending to be in charge.”

President Donald Trump argues that his predecessor is “grossly incompetent.”

The president has sought to downplay the impact of COVID and is eager to restart the economy. But he has drawn criticism from democrats for his response to the virus.

Many of Trump’s political opponents argue that he isn’t taking the pandemic seriously. They point to the lack of a national testing regimen and a hands-off approach by the White House.

Election Year Complicated by Virus

The election looms in November, casting long shadows over this summer. The likely democratic nominee, Joe Biden, who was vice president under Obama, will face off against Donald Trump.

The political climate in the US is highly partisan, with people strongly split on their views. COVID-19 has only stoked those flames higher.

The virus is now an issue of politics instead of public health. So, these fights are likely to become the norm. Both parties are putting huge pressure on this election year, spending countless dollars in ads. As the election day draws close, pundits expect ads to become harsher and more combative.

Obama Calls Virus Response a ‘Disaster’

Throughout the first three years of Trump’s presidency, his predecessor rarely made public statements about politics. However, COVID has dramatically reversed this.

The former president is active in the public eye again thanks to his campaigning for Joe Biden. As such, he’s been at the center of the political landscape for the pandemic response.

During a call with his former staffers, Obama condemned the Trump Administration’s response to COVID-19. He thinks it self-centered that the White House sought favors from governors in exchange for funding, ventilators and testing kits. Obama called the White House’s response “an absolute chaotic disaster.”

During an online address to the class of 2020, Obama echoed a similar sentiment. “This pandemic has fully, finally torn back the curtain on the idea that so many of the folks in charge know what they’re doing.”