Top Ten Things We Didn’t Miss While Working From Home


Maybe you’re back in the office now, or maybe you’re still working from home. Some of us are having to actually physically travel to a real place to work these days, and let me tell you, the office hits different after a year and some change of not having to go there. Here are the top ten things we didn’t miss while working from home:

1. The commute is somehow worse than before. How are there even more cars on the road now than back in March 2020? Or maybe we just got so used to working from home we forgot how much driving to work is a chore.

2. No more sleeping in. If your daily commute to work is half an hour, then you need to be waking up a minimum of half an hour earlier to get into the office. No more sleeping in until a few minutes before you’re supposed to start work.

3. Did you know that your car actually needs oil changes? After your vehicle went sitting unused for a year, you should probably grab some oil changing coupons and get it looked at to make sure it’s ready for your daily drive.

4. Small talk is harder now. After not talking to other people in person for over a year, it’s tough to think of what to say when you see them again. Don’t worry, though–everyone is in the same boat.

5. Remember being able to work in your pajamas? You might be able to try that at the office but it’s unlikely to go over well with your boss.

6. If you’ve got pets at home, you’re likely missing them now that you’re back in person for work. Sadly, you can’t usually bring your dog in for an eight-hour workday. No, don’t try smuggling them in and hiding your beloved pooch under your desk. Learned that one the hard way!

7. We’re not suggesting that anyone’s personal grooming suffered in the last year, but it’s weird to suddenly have to shower and shave every morning. People actually looking at you seems like an alien concept these days.

8. It’s much harder to listen to music while you work in the office than it was while working from home. In most offices, you can’t have headphones on while you’re doing your job. And Steve from accounting keeps complaining when I sing along to Celine Dion.

9. Needing to sign for packages was a non-issue when you were working from home. Now, it’s back to being one of the most frustrating parts of buying things online.

10. Most of all, though, we miss the snacks. It’s a lot harder to stash a ton of snacks at your desk in the office than it is to sneak off to your kitchen for a midday snack. On the bright side, at least things are feeling somewhat normal again.