You might know Tesla as an electric car company run by the most unpredictable CEO on the planet. However, Tesla wants you to also know it as the company that offers affordable solar panels for your house to help you keep your power bill down. 

Solar panels are a great way to save money on your power bill, and they can also help fight climate change. However, they present a major financial hurdle for some homeowners, as the cost of the technology and installation can be nightmarish. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, Tesla has a price-match program that makes its panels some of the most affordable on the market.

The Good

Tesla’s solar panels are great for numerous reasons. The first, which we’ve already mentioned, is the price match program. This allows Tesla shoppers to get the best price possible for their equipment. This can get them saving money on their power bill sooner, rather than later, and can help them draw less power from their city’s grid.

Theoretically, this should help with global climate change. Less demand from coal-fired power plants should slow the rate of greenhouse gas emissions, helping the planet’s worsening climate crisis. 

Tesla’s panels are also low-profile and high-quality. You’re not getting bargain-bin panels for these low prices!

The Bad

It’s not all good news, sadly. Tesla reportedly offers negligible customer service, which should come as no surprise to anyone who owns one of the company’s electric cars. Tesla is able to keep costs down because it’s not a very public-facing company. 

Moreover, the company only offers four sizes of its panels. This means that it’s not very flexible in what kinds of homes it can outfit with its equipment. Owners of more unusually-shaped homes are just out of luck when it comes to Tesla’s panels.

Bottom Line

If you’ve got rising power bills and you want to upgrade your home to be more self-sufficient, you should consider Tesla’s solar panel program. If you’ve got the right size home and your house gets enough sun, it could be a very good decision for your bottom line.

Of course, you need to be ready for reportedly terrible customer service and the inflexibility of the limited options for panels. If you can get past these drawbacks, and you live in an area that gets plenty of sunlight, you could cut the cord from your power company. Well, on sunny days, at least.