Sony’s New Link Buds Impress Reviewers


Sony has released a new line of wireless earbuds to compete with Apple’s AirPods. What do reviewers think of the Sony Link Buds? Are they the AirPod Killers that Sony hoped they would be, or are they just another pretender to the throne? Let’s take a look at what the critics are saying.


At a glance, the Link Buds are some of the most stylish audio devices on the market. Sony knows how to make fetching technology–just look at the PlayStation 5 for an example of their scrumptious industrial design.

The Link Buds sport an open, ring-shaped interior design that is recognizably high-tech. The ring is clearly the audio driver, inviting users and onlookers to imagine the interesting sonic technology at play driving sound into the user’s ears. 

The circular, eye-catching design is a change of pace compared to the numerous AirPod imposters on the market. It’s clear that Sony wanted the Link Buds to be visually distinguishable from its competitors without looking ostentatious.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is arguably the most important factor when it comes to Bluetooth headphones. The most stylish, high-tech earbuds in the world would be useless if they sounded tinny and washed out.

Thankfully, the Link Buds are downright impressive in terms of playback and clarity. The open design means you can hear the world around you without a technological transparency mode, like the AirPods Pro. 

This audio pass-through doesn’t drown out your music. Instead, it helps you stay aware of your surroundings without compromising audio quality or eating through battery life. This is high praise, as the design initially concerned some reviewers who were worried about it allowing noise pollution to bleed through while listening to music.

Bottom Line

The Link Buds are comfortable, stylish, and eye-catching. They sound great and don’t cost too much. They’re splash-proof, too, so they’re great for exercise. The Link Buds are comfortable in the ear even over long periods, and they won’t jostle out due to light movement. These features make them perfect for athletes who like to move around while they’re listening to music!

Do these earbuds have what it takes to dethrone the AirPods? Probably not. But they’re still the best wireless earbuds that Sony manufactures! The Sony Link Buds are already on the market, and you can purchase them from Sony’s website for just $180. That puts them just under the AirPods Pro, making them a compelling alternative to Apple’s high-end audio devices.