Singer Marie Fredriksson of Roxette Dies at 61

It must have been love… but it’s over now.

Singer and Swedish music icon Marie Fredriksson has passed away, according to a statement by her family released this week. Best known for her work with the band Roxette, she had suffered from issues stemming from a brain tumor since the early 2000s.

Her battle is finally over, and we hope she is able to rest in peace.

Marie Fredriksson’s Long and Hard Battle with Cancer

In 2002, Fredriksson was jogging with her husband, fellow musician Mikael Bolyos, when she felt weak and unwell. Later that day, she collapsed in her own bathroom and suffered her first seizure.

Diagnosed with a brain tumor, Fredriksson was only given a 25% chance for survival with treatment, but she pushed through and underwent surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation in an attempt to make the most of her life.

She survived treatment, but it left her struggling for years. She was blind in one eye and had a limited range of hearing–a devastating blow for any artist. For months after the treatment, she was completely unable to speak and had to relearn basic functions.

In 2005 during an interview, she shared with fans that she wasn’t receiving treatment anymore and called herself “healthy.”

In 2016, Roxette released the album Good Karma and were planning a worldwide tour. Fredriksson’s doctor, however, recommended that she focus on her health and remaining years instead, so the tour was cut short. They would never play again.

Roxette’s Extensive Success

Even if you’re not a fan of 80s or 90s pop, you probably know Roxette from their major hit single, “It Must Have Been Love.” The song was featured on the soundtrack for Pretty Woman, which starred Julia Roberts and Richard Gere.

They also made tracks like “Listen to Your Heart” and “Joyride,” both major hits in the US and abroad.

The duo, made up of Fredriksson and Peter Gessle, has sold well over 75 million albums worldwide, across 10 studio albums. Their most recent single, “Sing Me a Song,” was released in 2018 to mark Fredriksson’s 60th birthday.

In a statement Gessle released, he said that things would never “be the same” without Fredriksson. “Time goes by so fast. It feels like just recently when Marie and I were sitting in my little apartment in Halmstad sharing dreams…thank you Marie, thank you for everything.”