The newest Samsung phone, the Galaxy S22, might hit store shelves sooner than you’d expect. Samsung could announce its new flagship lineup as soon as February 9, if recent rumors are to be believed. Early reports suggest that the new phone lineup could sport four new colors, S Pen compatibility, and a state-of-the-art camera array. 

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest rumors swirling around the S22 ahead of its currently-unannounced release date.

When Is It Coming?  

The Samsung Galaxy S22 line could release as soon as February 9, according to recent rumors. Samsung usually launches its S-series lineup in March, but recent years have seen the manufacturer bucking this trend. In 2021, Samsung launched the S21 series in January. The Korean tech company typically refreshes each lineup after twelve months, which means Android fans are ready for a new handset.

However, Samsung hasn’t announced the S22 series yet. Some tech insiders have leaked specs and names of the S22 lineup, but it’s not an officially-announced product right now. Tech leakers speculate that the flagship lineup will include the S22, S22 Plus, and S22 Ultra, which would match the usual S-series product slate. 

If Samsung announced the S22 at an event on February 9, insiders believe that the new phones could hit store shelves by February 24. 

Specification Speculation

Tech leakers expect the S22 to sport a smaller screen and battery than the S21 line. Some insiders have suggested the base S22 will sport a 6.01-inch display, as opposed to the S21’s 6.2-inch screen. The S22 Plus and Ultra models, likewise, would have slightly smaller displays than their predecessors. 

This slimmer profile is likely Samsung’s attempt to differentiate the S-series phones from the Galaxy Note series, which straddles the line between phones and tablets. 

Leakers also believe that the S22 lineup will sport an enhanced camera array compared to its predecessors. 

Price Guesses

Experts believe that the S22 line’s pricing will probably be similar to the S21, instead of following the sticker-shock pricing of the S20. The S20 line struggled to move units, due partially to the high base price tag of $1,000. The S21 started at $800 last year, making it a slightly more affordable option for Android fans.

Leakers have speculated that the S22 could start slightly higher than the S21, bringing it up to $900 for the base model. If so, that would reflect worsening inflation over the past year and the higher-quality components with which the new line allegedly ships.