The Samsung Galaxy S10 is here next week and people have a lot to say about it. Is it the next big thing for Android smartphones? Does it merit its hefty $1,000 price tag? What new features does it sport? Let’s dig into the high-tech new phone and see what Samsung has to offer this year.

Price Point

Let’s start with something that’s been a sore spot for Apple, too: the price point. When Apple’s iPhone X launched in 2017, it’s $1,000 price tag was eye-watering for the average consumer. Most people just can’t justify spending that much money on a phone. Why would you get a phone that expensive when options that are just as good cost half as much?

The Galaxy S10’s new features don’t exactly scream $1,000 must-buy. Is it an excellent phone? Assuredly, it’s the best Android device money can buy. Does that mean it’ll be a huge success? No, probably not. The thing is, everything the S10 does right is iterative. It’s incrementally better than each phone that came before it, but it’s exponentially more expensive.

Features vs Value

Speaking of features, this phone has got them. The screen is edge-to-edge and gorgeous, sporting a weird little pinhole that acts as a selfie cam. Both the front-facing cameras and the selfie cam are incredible, taking stellar snapshots and offering all the picture modes you could ever want.

But are these features enough to make the phone a killer device for the crowded Android market? It’s not clear that customers will take to it. If the iPhone XS and X are any indication, it seems like many smartphone users are opting to stick with their older phones that are all paid off.

After all, how much better can a screen get before it’s not worth the huge prices phone manufacturers are charging? It looks like Samsung is about to learn the same lesson that Apple did: $1,000 is pretty much the breaking point for the average consumer’s wallet.