Pressure Mounts on Trump as States Certify Election Results


The election was not the decisive repudiation of Donald Trump that some pollsters predicted, but, in the end, it is clear that the incumbent did not secure reelection. Challenger Joe Biden is projected to finish the race with 306 Electoral College votes, well over the 270 he needed to win the election.

However, Donald Trump has contended, with no evidence, that there was widespread voter fraud that cost him the election.

Republicans in Congress have largely followed Trump’s lead, echoing his points that Biden is not president-elect until all of Trump’s legal options have been exhausted. However, Trump has suffered numerous legal defeats in courtrooms across the country even as swing states that Biden narrowly won certify their official vote counts.

Now, pressure is mounting on the president to formally concede the election and allow for a peaceful transfer of power.

Pressure Mounting

While the president maintains that he’s still the winner of the 2020 election, there is no indication of this in the official vote tally. While Congressional Republicans continue to defend the president’s claims of widespread voter fraud, Trump’s legal team has been unable to produce any evidence of this. However, the president’s base continues to believe that the election was somehow rigged against their preferred candidate.

National polling indicates that some three-quarters of Republicans believe that Democrats engaged in a fraudulent plot to steal the election. This has led many pundits to decry Trump’s longshot legal challenges as potentially damaging to American democracy by undermining faith in the US election system.

Moreover, even some GOP pollsters have expressed concern that Trump could be engendered lowered voting efficacy among conservatives.

Threatening Senate Majority

The Senate majority will be decided by a pair of runoff elections in Georgia. Democrats need to flip both of Georgia’s Senate seats to assume control of the Upper Chamber: currently, Republicans hold 50 seats to Democrats’ 48.

Should Democrats win the two seats, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris would be the tie-breaking vote as the President of the Senate, meaning that Democrats would have a de facto majority in the chamber.

Such a scenario would be huge for Biden’s legislative agenda, and some GOP strategists fear that Trump is sinking the Republicans’ chances in the state. Some have argued that, by claiming the election was rigged, Trump is giving Republicans in Georgia the potential to say that their vote simply won’t matter since Democrats will steal the election anyway.

With control of the Senate on the line, many wonder how long Congressional Republicans will indulge Trump’s bruised ego in contesting the results of the election.