President Elect Biden Prepares to Focus on Coronavirus Pandemic


On Saturday, major news outlets projected that Joe Biden has become the president-elect, citing victories in pivotal states like Pennsylvania and Georgia. Biden is on track to a convincing Electoral College win, and appears to have won the popular vote by some four million votes. This has not stopped the incumbent, Donald Trump, from claiming without evidence that there was widespread voter fraud.

While Donald Trump refuses to commit to a peaceful transfer of power, President-Elect Biden prepares for his entry into the White House. According to advisers close to Biden, he plans to tackle the coronavirus pandemic with vigor as one of his first major orders of business.

Biden Gears up for COVID Response

In a sign that he is taking the deadly pandemic seriously, Biden has already announced the creation of a White House task force that will take over on January 20 when he is sworn into office.

This is a forceful statement of purpose from the president-elect, and sets the tone for his first actions in office. The pandemic has sickened millions of Americans and killed over 200,000, and recent weeks have seen case numbers shooting up to record-breaking highs.

Even as Trump denies the reality of the election results, various world leaders have reached out to congratulate Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, and Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, are among the heads of state to reach out to the incoming administration. Meanwhile, Biden has already set up his “landing party” teams that will help his administration hit the ground running in January.

Trump Denies Election Results

Meanwhile, in an historic denial of the process of democracy, Donald Trump has refused to concede the race to Biden in spite of the overwhelming evidence that the election is over. The Trump campaign has filed lawsuits in various states alleging voter fraud took place and demanding recounts. However, the campaign has provided no evidence to back these claims.

Meanwhile, Trump himself is rumored to be gearing up for a series of political rallies to promote his message of undermining the democratic process.

Several pundits have decried Trump’s refusal to accept reality as an attempt to blatantly undermine democracy. However, in private, sources tell reporters that Trump is beginning to resign himself to his situation. From a legal and practical standpoint, there is no realistic path to a second term for Trump: even if his campaign had evidence of voter fraud, they would need to prove that enough votes were fraudulent in favor of Biden to erase the Democratic lead in key states.

However, such fraud would represent a more than one-thousand percent increase in the historical average of fraudulently-cast ballots. As such, it’s unlikely the Trump campaign even sees their legal challenges make it to court, let alone to the Supreme Court as Trump is likely hoping.