Chihuahua Gets Carried Away by Seagull, Owner Devastated

A UK woman is desperately trying to locate her chihuahua after a seagull snatched the dog away from her home.

The owner, Becca Hill, posted to Facebook in an effort to find her 4-year-old miniature chihuahua, Gizmo, after he was carried off by a seagull.

She says that her partner was outside hanging up laundry when he saw a seagull swoop down and snatch the dog.

Owner Removed Post Due to Hateful and Spiteful Comments

However, Becca has since removed the original post. UAV Lost Dog Search & Rescue, who are assisting in trying to find Gizmo, says that Becca had to remove the post due to unnecessary trolling.

Instead of helping this distraught owner, people were making a joke out of the incident and posting hateful and spiteful comments.

Becca was so upset by it that she decided she needed to remove the post.

Still Hopeful That Gizmo Can be Found

She is still hopeful that Gizmo is alive and will be able to find his way back home, although she is unsure of where he might be. The seagull carried Gizmo far enough away that she could no longer see him.

While Becca is still updating her Facebook and hoping that someone nearby has found her dog, experts have also gotten involved. Rescuers are now searching for the dog in the area, including in places like on rooftops and in trees.