Oppo Find N: Can It Compete With Samsung Galaxy Fold?


Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo unveiled its first folding phone on December 9. The sleek and stylish handset, called the Find N, will launch on December 15. The company says it built the phone after “four years of intense R&D and six generations of prototypes.”

The phone’s launch event is on December 15, during Oppo Inno Day, the company’s annual celebration. The Find N’s reveal article describes it as both beautiful and functional. However, the company remains tight-lipped about the phone’s specifics.

Device Specifications

Oppo hasn’t revealed any details about the Find N’s specs. Fans expecting information on the phone’s processor, screen, or battery life were left scratching their heads on December 9. However, the company promised that the device has ironed out the issues that typically plague folding handsets.

Oppo specifically mentioned screen creasing during the Find N reveal. Samsung’s folding phone, the Galaxy Fold, has faced scrutiny from critics over screen creases. Oppos also says the Find N is a durable device, contrasting it with Samsung’s notoriously fragile Galaxy Fold.

Design and Aesthetic

Fans didn’t get to see any Find N specifications during the announcement on December 9, but they did get a glimpse at the gorgeous phone. Like most Oppo smartphones, the Find N is eye-catching and sleek. It boasts a smooth design with appealing curves and a premium finish.

Judging by the price of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, the Find N will likely retail for around $2,000. Pre-release photos of the foldable handset support this theory, as the device sports a metal construction with an advanced glass screen. But can it compete with Samsung’s flagship folding smartphone?

The Galaxy Fold

Samsung’s original Galaxy Fold launched in 2019 to mixed reviews. Users applauded the novel design but criticized the device’s fragile components and high price. Mobile phone critics concluded that the Fold was a proof of concept, not a competitive product. Reviewers argued that another device might realize the true potential of folding smartphones.

Oppo hopes that the Find N will be that device. Samsung’s latest folding handset, the Galaxy Fold 3, was released in late 2021 to mixed reviews. The newest Samsung flagship device is more durable than its predecessors, but reviewers suggest it still needs work to be worth its eye-watering $1,800 price tag.

Does Oppo have what it takes to impress smartphone users where Samsung has struggled? The Chinese manufacturer’s slow-and-steady approach will be put to the test when the Find N launches on December 15.