New York City Goes Entire Weekend With No Shootings

At many different times in history, New York City was considered one of the most dangerous cities in the world. But now, for the first time in 25 years, New York City went an entire weekend without a single shooting, New York Police Department (NYPD) records show, the New York Daily News reported.

The last shooting occurred in Brooklyn on Thursday, and the streak ended on Monday with a shooting in the Bronx.

It represents the last shooting-free weekend since 1993. Shootings are also down for the year and for the month. As of October 7, 2018, there is been a 2% drop from the same time last year. In fact, 2017 was among New York City’s lowest yearly murder rates since records began in 1928, when the city reached its historically lowest rate of 201 murders in 1943.

Mayor praises NYPD

“A city of 8.6 million people, not a single shooting for three days,” New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said. The mayor called it an “extraordinary achievement and gave credit to the NYPD for the successful streak of no one being struck from a discharged firearm.

New York City: Long history of crime but improving significantly

After reaching its highest peak at 2,045 murders in 1990, killings in New York City started dropping during the mid-1990s, and that trend continues today. By 1995, murders had dropped almost half to 1,177 and had dipped to 633 by 1998. New York City’s murder rate for 2017 was 290 – among the lowest in its history.

However, it wasn’t always that way. At times, New York City has been among the most – if not the most dangerous city in the world.

Organized crime has been associated with New York City since the 1820s. It’s also been a bed for violent gangs, influencing crime in the 1970s, then escalating as Los Angeles-based gangs moved into the area amid the drug-fueled 80s in the peak of the crack epidemic.

Subway crime reached a peak in the late 1970s and early 1980s, at a rate higher than any other mass transit system in the world. However, since 2011, subway crime has reached a record-low crime rate.

In 2006, New York City enacted “nightlife legislation” that had a profound reduction on night-based crime.

Security changes and the security expansions that have happened since the 9/11 terror attacks of 2001 have also had an impact.