If you’re thinking about getting a new iPad or upgrading from your existing tablet, hold off for now. Apple’s popular iOS-powered tablet could be getting a massive refresh very soon. The Cupertino-based tech giant’s tablet lineup is due for a full 2022 overhaul of its processors, ports, and operating systems. 

Here’s what you should expect about the upcoming iPad Pro and iPad refreshes that will hit store shelves before the end of the year. Be patient – if you can wait, you could pick up some of the slickest tablets Apple has ever offered.

New Processors

Apple has already upgraded its iPad Air (and the entire MacBook lineup) with its bleeding edge M2 Processor. This stellar processor has the power to make creative tasks, productivity apps, and everything in between look buttery-smooth. And, if the rumors are true, the upcoming 2022 iPad and iPad Pro launches will come packed with the stellar M2 chip, which will offer enough power to make the tablets compete with high-end laptops. 

Even if these rumors don’t pan out, the tablets might just end up with the M1 chips, seen on last year’s MacBook lineup. Either way, they’re in for a massive overhaul: these tablets currently sport A13 chips, which are getting a bit long in the tooth.

USB-C Ports

Apple famously hates universal ports and cables. The boutique-style electronics company adores using its own in-house ports, cables, and charging devices, forcing customers to pay higher prices for their bizarre standards. Thankfully, this era of bespoke chargers for Apple products is now coming to an end.

The new iPad lineup will likely switch over to support USB-C for charging and data transfer, bringing them up to speed with the USB-C-enabled MacBook lineup. Now, if only Apple would bring this same universal attitude to the iPhone product line…

iPad OS 16

Speaking of the iPhone, Apple’s smaller touch-screen device has already received the iOS 16 update. This update has given the phones a new visual language, rounded notification bubbles, and several quality-of-life improvements. Meanwhile, there’s been no word on the iPad’s latest operating system update.

A new operating system could give the iPad a much-needed improvement in everything from battery life to improved multitasking presentation. The iPad splits the difference between being a full-on laptop replacement and being a gigantic iPhone, so it would be nice to see a new OS refresh help it hammer home both of these points. Be patient: several upgrades could be just around the corner.