Netflix is Ruining Sperm Counts According to New Study

While a “Netflix and Chill” session does tend to conjure the notion of potentially fathering children, that may be inaccurate.

Don’t get us wrong, a lowered sperm count is not exactly a bona fide method of birth control. However, staying up late to binge watch one’s favorite series may have a detrimental impact on virility.

Late Nights, Less Sperm

Scientists recently found that men who go to bed early are four times more likely to have good quality sleep. According to this new study, that also means more sperm.

Men who went to bed prior to 10:30 PM, they said, were also four times more likely to have a normal or higher sperm count. Those who went to bed later than 11:30 tended to have lower-quality sperm.

Experts explain that sleep is a crucial factor in starting a family. Sleep deprivation can even trigger an immune system reaction wherein the body actually attacks sperm.

Early Bedtimes, Stronger Sperm Counts

Though we’ve always known the importance of sleep, those trying for a baby should really be diligent about it.

According to the study’s co-author Prof. Hans Jakob Ingerslev, “the reasons could be psychological.” He cited the fact that stress can impact fertility, and how men who are sleep-deprived often suffer more stress.

The Daily Mail also consulted with Dr. Raj Mathur, a gynecologist not involved with the study.

Mathur suggested that men change their habits for a second reason as well: more opportunities to have sex. Not only does staying up late impact one’s sperm count, but it also tends to mean less time for procreating.