Mac Studio Review: First All-New Silicone Mac


Apple left Intel behind years ago now, and their new lineup of Silicone Mac computers has shown why. After all, Apple was already making their in-house processors for their iPhone and iPad lines. Why would they stick to outsourcing the processors in their home computers, too?

The Mac Studio is the first all-new Silicone Mac. It’s a powerful computer for creative designers and artists, sporting all the bells and whistles you expect from Apple. But is it worth the price?


The Mac Studio has a similar design to the Mac Mini. It’s a small computer that fits in a subtle square housing and looks discreet on a desk. The back is dedicated to various grills for airflow, which help keep things cool when you’re working on in-depth designs. It’s one of the few Mac computers that sports actual ports on the front, making it a rarity in Apple’s lineup. 

It’s got a 7.7-inch footprint and stands at 3.7 inches tall. That makes it noticeably bigger than the Mac Mini, but it’s still tiny by most desktop standards. Apple fans usually love the company’s minimalistic tech designs, and they’ll probably feel the same about the Mac Studio.


Apple has crammed plenty of power into this small case. The Mac Studio sports a bespoke processor that allows it to crush productivity tasks, ranging from photo editing to audio mixing and anything in between. If you’re a designer who needs plenty of power in your home computer, the Mac Studio has what you’re looking for. 

The entry-level $2,000 Studio offers plenty of power, sporting the M1 Max system-on-a-chip that we saw on the Apple Silicone MacBook Pro. If you’re a power user looking for something more robust, you can opt for the $4,000 M1 Ultra. This upgrade nets you two M1 SoCs, literally doubling the power of the base model. There’s almost no productivity task this beefy setup can’t handle.

Bottom Line

The Mac Studio is strong enough to function as a Mac Pro replacement for most users. It comes in far under that computer’s price tag, too, making it an attractive option for designers. It doesn’t come with a monitor, mouse, or keyboard, but Apple will happily sell you all of these peripherals.

If you’re looking for an energy-efficient, quiet workstation to take your home productivity to the next level, the Mac Studio is the perfect computer for you. We just hope you like minimalist designs.