LA County Lockdown to Extend at Least Three More Months


Most parts of the country are finally relaxing some of their coronavirus restrictions. Meanwhile, LA County is hunkering down for at least three more months of lockdowns. According to country officials on Tuesday, the populous region is expected to stay on some form of a stay-at-home order through August. That will bring the length of LA’s lockdown to an eye-watering five months.

On Tuesday, during an official Board of Supervisors meeting in LA County, Dr. Barbara Ferrer stated that the lockdown would extend through August “with all certainty.”

She said the lockdown is necessary unless the county sees a “dramatic change to the virus and tools at hand.”

Prior to these statements, the “safer at home” order was expected to expire on May 15.

How Long Will This Last?

The comments came during a discussion on how long residents could expect to continue living under strict lockdown measures. The county expects to begin reopening after four points in the prerequisite plan are met. These points include increased testing capacity, ample numbers of hospital beds, and lowering case numbers.

The question of “how long will this last” has been on the mind of pretty much everyone since the lockdowns were initiated. This unprecedented public health response has been effective at slowing the spread of the novel coronavirus, experts claim. However, some people have loudly challenged the measures for being infringements on individual freedoms.

Protesters Clash With Medical Experts

Though the lockdown efforts have been in place for two months already, many medical experts warn it’s still too soon to lift them. Some people have clashed with this view, either claiming that the lockdowns aren’t necessary any longer, or that it doesn’t matter whether they are or not. Beaches across the state of California have been thronged by protesters looking to enjoy the warming weather.

Meanwhile, this pressure seems to have actually altered public policy in the region. In LA County, beaches are expected to reopen for recreational activity on Wednesday. Some businesses will be reopening for curbside pickup. However, even these modest rollbacks of the restrictions have alarmed some medical experts.

Speaking to Congress on Tuesday, Dr. Anthony Fauci warned that reopening too soon could lead to dire consequences. In his medical opinion, Fauci found that an early reopening could lead to small spikes in the virus. Those spikes, in turn, could progress into full-blown outbreaks without ample testing and contact tracing. In the meantime, he has argued that a vaccine will be the best way to return the country to normal.