Kentucky Man Eats NOTHING But Raw Meat for a Decade, Feeds 4 Kids the Same

A man from Lexington, Kentucky has made big news recently when he admitted that he has only eaten raw or rotting meat for the past ten years – and he has fed his four kids the same.

Derek Nance, 35, says that there is no problem feeding children raw meats, as he believes the nutrition in the meat is better for them than baby food. He argues that cooking the meat will remove some of those nutrients, so eating it raw would be a better option anyway.

Doesn’t Matter If It’s Rotten

Nance sources his meat from local, organic farms, but if it is a little past the best-by date, well. That’s fine with him. Called ‘high meat’ for the high it will give you if consumed, Nance says that this is a perfectly fine dinner and only makes him stronger.

He started this diet ten years ago after searching for something that he could eat regularly with his allergies. Now he has no issues eating liver, brains, kidneys, or blending a sheep’s stomach into a quick smoothie for a snack.