K-Pop Fans Credited for Trump’s Dismal Rally Numbers


President Trump held his first political rally since the global pandemic began. The number of attendees was supposed to be huge. Well, according to the president himself.

Trump claimed to have 1 million registered attendees. Unfortunately for him, the 19,000 person stadium was at decidedly less than capacity.

Are K-pop Fans to Blame?

One of the biggest K-Pop groups to come out of South Korea, BTS, urged fans to register for Trump’s rally online, and then not attend. If you know the slightest thing about K-pop, then you know the passion of its fans.

Social activism, charity work and on-line trolling at what K-pop fans are passionate about. The video BTS posted had more than 300,000 views and shares.

While it’s unclear exactly how many no-shows at the rally were by fake registrations and how many people fear the virus, the numbers were definitely less than the alleged 1 million.

Democratic representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted Trump’s campaign manager, Brad Parscale, to let him know that he had been “rocked by teens on TikTok.” She also thanked the K-pop community for rallying around the cause and their “fight for justice too.”

Parscale was quick to tweet out that of course the fake registration did not work and these “online trolls” had absolutely no impact on Trump’s rally. He also stated that bogus numbers were weeded out and the “leftist trolls [have no idea] how these rallies work.”

Rallying for the Greater Good

The K-pop community and allies have a long history of standing up against injustices and rallying around those in need. Earlier this month they flooded social media with pictures of K-pop groups using anti-black hashtags. This helped drown out racist voices during the protests.

They did the same when the Dallas Police Department asked for citizens to submit videos of illegal activity to their app. The thousands of videos submitted caused the app to crash and be useless.

After BTS donated $1 million to the Black Lives Matter movement, fans rallied around the cause and raised an additional $1 million.

It’s clear that BTS’s ARMY is not one to be messed with.

Whether or not K-pop fans are to blame or not, Trump’s rally did not go as planned. Whatever the reason, he was quite enraged at the low turnout. His advisers reveal the reasons here. We’ll just have to see how the next one turns out and how many people attend this time around.