Is the OLED Switch Worth the Price?


Nintendo’s popular Nintendo Switch system took the world by storm upon its release in 2017. However, the device started showing its age early in its lifecycle. It sports an unimpressive LCD display that pales in comparison to the gorgeous OLED screens on modern smartphones. Its small speakers have limited quality and get easily drowned out in loud areas. 

That’s where the company’s latest Switch variant, the OLED Switch, comes in. It features new design specifications that make it a dramatically more impressive handheld device than its predecessor. But is it worth the higher price tag?

The Screen

The OLED Switch’s new screen is the star of the show. The device got its name because of the display, after all, so it dominates the device’s appearance and any discussion about its price tag.

While the OLED Switch doesn’t feature improved graphics over its predecessor, it’s hard to tell that when you look at the gorgeous display. It’s noticeably larger than the screen on the original Switch, as it features slimmer bezels to make efficient use of the device’s dimensions. 

Despite this larger OLED screen, the central unit isn’t any larger than the original model. That means Joy-Con controllers that worked with your existing Switch can function just fine with the new model!

The Speakers

The OLED model sports larger, more impressive speakers than the original model. It’s louder and offers a higher-quality sound, which makes it perfect for playing in a crowded room with friends. 

Speaking of playing with friends, the new model also features an improved kickstand. While the 2017 Switch sported a flimsy plastic strip that players could use to prop the console up, the new device offers a broad kickstand that spans the width of the unit. This makes it ideal for players who like using the Switch in handheld mode while playing with friends.

Is It Worth the Price?

The OLED Switch retails for $350, while the base model is $300. The slimmer, handheld-only Switch Lite is $200, for comparison. Is the OLED Switch worth its premium price tag? That depends on how you plan to use it.

If you have a base Switch model that you rarely take out of its dock for handheld play, then you might not appreciate the OLED model’s upgrades. However, if you love playing in both TV and handheld mode, you’ll likely love the new unit’s bigger screen, louder speakers, and improved kickstand.