GROSS: Woman Licks Ice Cream and Puts it Back, Triggers Manhunt

If this hot weather is making you think about picking up ice cream at the store, be careful – a video recently went viral of a girl licking the top of a Blue Bell ice cream container, then putting it right back where she found it.

Blue Bell is Not Playing Around

The company who made the ice cream in question, Blue Bell, was alerted by fans of the existence of the video and is taking action.

In a press release, the Texas-based company said they are taking the issue very seriously, and they’re working with ‘law enforcement, retail partners, and social media platforms” to find the girl and bring the issue to justice.

The closed their statement saying that incidents like that will not be tolerated.

Why Wasn’t it Sealed?!

Fans online have one major problem with the company – why don’t they use a plastic seal over their ice cream?

Blue Bell promises consumers that it is ‘obvious’ when a product has been tampered with, because in the freezing process the lid seals tightly to the ice cream, creating a natural seal.

So if you go to open a new container of ice cream this week and notice the lid isn’t properly seated, you know what happened.