Google Pixel 6 Pro: The Pixel Is Finally an iPhone Challenger


When Google’s Pixel phone came out back in 2016, tech critics assumed it would be Android’s iPhone. Apple’s smartphone runs on the iOS operating system and receives regular, hands-on updates. Before the Google Pixel, even the most high-end Android smartphones felt like they were a few steps removed from their software.

Samsung can make the most cutting-edge Galaxy smartphones, but they’ll never know the Android operating system the way Google does. So, when the first Pixel arrived, the high expectations heaped on it made its middling performance a disappointment. The Pixel 6 Pro, which was released on October 28, finally delivers on the promise of the first Pixel.

Android’s iPhone

The Pixel 6 Pro boasts a premium feel and finish, including a glass back and an aluminum frame. Its cameras are capable of snapping stunning photos. Lightning-fast performance rivaling anything available from Apple or Samsung is on display. This is a flagship smartphone in every sense of the word. Android’s answer to the iPhone is finally here, even if it’s a few years late.

The star of the show with the Pixel 6 Pro is the Tensor processor. Like Apple, Google is now in the business of making its processors in-house for its phones. This means the newest Pixel has ditched Qualcomm’s Snapdragon standard, helping it stand out in a crowded Android field.

What’s New?

Upgrades abound with the newest Google smartphone. The Pixel 6 Pro sports a crystal-clear HD display that makes pictures and videos pop. The Tensor processor works overtime to keep the images on-screen running with a high framerate, so users don’t have to sacrifice visuals for performance.

Another addition to the phone is 5G connectivity. The new standard offers blazing-fast speeds that enable new uses for smartphones, like streaming games on the move. 

Why Buy It?

The Pixel 6 Pro boasts all the features you might expect from a premium smartphone while still offering a lower price. The base model with 128 GB of memory and a 6.7-inch screen is $899, making it $100 cheaper than the iPhone 13 Pro. Notably, the iPhone 13 Pro doesn’t even have a larger screen than the Pixel: it measures only 6.1 inches.

Any Android user looking for a stellar flagship phone is in luck. The Pixel 6 Pro offers speedy performance and top-of-the-line cameras for less than the price of an iPhone. That’s a deal you don’t want to pass up!