George Floyd Updates: Trump’s Twitter Feud, DC Mayor and More

Detroit Free Press

New reporting is showing President Donald Trump flagging in national polls in the aftermath of national protests over the death of George Floyd. Similar polling shows the protests are overwhelmingly popular with Americans, with recently-released Reuters and Ipsos polls showing support for the social justice movement.

Trump’s Twitter Feud Continues

Meanwhile, Trump’s feud with Twitter continues. On Friday, Twitter pulled down a memorial video posted by on Trump’s Twitter account over a copyright claim. The video includes a brief memorial for George Floyd. However, around one minute in, Trump launches into a tirade against “far left” elements that he alleges organized the protests.

This comes only a week after the social media site appended a fact-checking banner on two of Trump’s tweets. The tweets, which alleged that mail-in voting is more prone to fraud, were found to be factually incorrect. In response to the fact-checking banner, Trump alleged that the social media site was infringing on his first amendment rights.

Ironically, the president didn’t realize that the first amendment protects private citizens’ speech from the government. Private companies are not beholden to the first amendment. Trump has suggested that he will be rolling back protections for social media sites in the aftermath of these incidents.

DC Mayor Renames Street

In a move likely to incense the president, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser had a street in the capital renamed Black Lives Matter Plaza. The move coincided with muralists painting “BLACK LIVES MATTER” in huge, 50-foot yellow letters through 16th Street. This mural, near Lafayette Park, is within sight of the White House.

On Monday, Trump was blasted for ordering Secret Service to use gas and rubber bullets on peaceful protesters. The move, which was simply to clear a path for a photo op outside nearby St. John’s Church, drew widespread condemnation. Clergy members of St. John’s, numerous Christian leaders, and even the Pope decried Trump’s use of violence. His subsequent posing with a Bible in front of a church was also met with derision.

Kanye West Appears During Chicago Protests

Rapper Kanye West made a rare public appearance during a protest in Chicago on Thursday night. He has remained largely unseen in recent days amid the widespread protests. However, upon appearing Thursday night, the protest quickly devolved into chaos.

Organizers grew frustrated that the protest devolved from its purpose into a celebrity rally. One organizer, Taylore Norwood, grabbed a megaphone and tried to grab the crowd’s attention. Norwood noted that the organizers didn’t want the protest getting “hijacked” by a celebrity.