Facebook ‘White Van’ Rumor Spreading Unfounded Fear, Dog Has 21 Puppies and Other Crazy Headlines

Here are the top crazy headlines making news today:

Rumors of a white van are spreading fear like wildfire over Facebook this week; This British dog could set the record with her 21 naturally-born puppies; This newly opened restaurant serves only airplane food, would you pay for it?

Is There a Coordinated Effort to Abduct Women in a White Van? Facebook Says Yes

If you see the post circling around Facebook this week about how white vans are being used all over America to capture and traffic women, you’re not alone. A series of Facebook posts have gone viral, and picked up a lot of steam and credibility with Facebook’s algorithm, moving them to the top of most people’s feeds.

Baltimore Mayor Bernard Young even went so far is to speak at a press conference about it, warning citizens to not park next to a white van and stay sharp. He also recommends holding onto your cell phone in case you’re captured, because they will absolutely give you the time of day to use it.

Here’s the problem: there is zero, and we mean zero, indication that this story has any weight behind it at all. There isn’t a single report of a white van being used in a kidnapping in Baltimore recently, let alone in a nation-wide effort.

These rumors of white vans being ‘bad’ and ‘dangerous’ have circulated the internet for years, but this might be the first that got such notoriety. At least one owner of a white van has reported experiencing harassment because of his vehicle.

No one is suggesting these things don’t happen, of course – but there is no evidence that white vans are involved, especially in an attack all over the US.

This Best Girl Could Set The Record For Most Puppies Birthed Naturally

They say that giving birth is one of the hardest things a woman could go through, and we’re not about to argue with that. But this doggo is taking it to a whole new level.

Mary Jane, a Great Dane and American Bulldog crossover, gave birth this week to a shocking 21 puppies. The vet had initially told her owner, Joanne Hine, that MJ would only have 6 to 8 puppies, pretty standard. However, as MJ continued in her pregnancy, that number grew.

Mary jane with her owner, with fourteen puppies with her

The puppies were born at the vet’s office for safety but delivered all 21 naturally. Sadly, six of MJ’s puppies were stillborn, and one passed soon after his birth. But that still leaves 14 puppers to care for, a big task for any first-time mom.

The Guinness World Record has 24 as the highest amount of puppies ever delivered, and a total of 20 survived. But Hines believes that MJ might have set the record for a natural birth, as the record holder had a c-section.

Hines is currently on puppy duty, getting up every two hours to feed them, as MJ has only nine nipples but 14 hungry mouths. She says that while she would love to keep some of them, she plans to sell them all and then neuter MJ.

Why? Because the second litter can often be larger than the first. Can you imagine?

This Airline is Opening a Restaurant that Serves Airplane Food

Do you know what the best part about a long-distance flight is?

The food.

Oh, I’m sorry, that’s actually completely false. That might be one of the worst things about long-distance flights! Well, that and when you get someone who uses your armrest behind you for their feet.

woman sitting in an airline seat prepared to eat a tray of airline food

Some people honestly don’t mind it, though, and AirAsia is interested in those select few. Called Santan and open already in Kuala Lumpur, the restaurant will serve Malaysian classics that you can see on their in-flight menu, like chicken rice and satay skewers.

And AirAsia is excited about this. Not only do they think it’s a great idea (it’s not), they want to open numerous different Santan restaurants all over the world, pushing their “world-class” food.

My real question here is, do you get it on a little tray, and is your server snotty when you ask for extra napkins or more butter?