Do You Really Need a Cloud Backup Service?


Spending any amount of time online means you’ll encounter terms like “cloud backup” pretty often. Businesses, in particular, make use of enterprise storage cloud solutions to help back up their files in case of something like a ransomware attack or a building fire that destroys their computers. For your personal use, however, do you really need a cloud backup service?

Many cloud services are paid subscription models, charging you some amount of money in exchange for offering you a place to store your files that isn’t just your computer or phone. How necessary are these services for the average person, though?

Cases When You Don’t Need Backups

If the bulk of your online presence is in the form of pictures you take on your phone and the list of contacts you keep saved, then you probably don’t need a cloud backup. If you have an Apple phone, for instance, Apple Cloud Storage automatically backs up your pictures and contacts once you sign in with your Apple ID. Similar services are available on some manufacturers’ Android phones, like Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel.

Even if you don’t have that kind of smartphone, though, you can get a free cloud backup service for your phone and PC. Unless you have sizable folders full of images, it’s unlikely you’ll fill up the amount of storage you can get from free cloud services.

Why You Might Need One

If you keep a lot of files on your computer that you’d be unable to replace, you’ll likely want a cloud backup. Examples of people with the need for this would be creative professionals, like photographers, filmmakers, musicians, and writers. In those cases, you’d likely want to have a lot of cloud backup memory to keep your creations safe and secure in off-site servers.

Imagine how devastating it could be to your body of work if you suddenly lost months’ or years’ worth of creative output. Such a devastating blow is reason enough to invest in some form of “set it and forget it” cloud backup service. Services like Backblaze are preferred for this type of backup. Backblaze periodically backs up your files as you add new material to your hard drive, allowing you to keep a sizable backup without having to manually keep up with the process of copying files.

So, if you’re a creative professional, definitely invest in a cloud backup service. Otherwise, don’t sweat it: free options are plenty for your photos and contacts.