Catholic Church Spends Millions to Deny Help for Child Sex Abuse Victims

A new report just released on data from public sources shows that the Catholic Church has spent over $10 million over the past 10 years in the North East US alone to lobby against legislation that would protect victims of sexual abuse.

In Pennsylvania alone, the Catholic Conference Policy Group spent over $5.3 million in an attempt to keep the current statute of limitations in which a victim can seek criminal or civil charges against their accuser.

What Does This Mean?

Pope Francis said in 2018 that it was “urgent” that the church ensure the “protection of minors and vulnerable adults”. However, with nearly $3 million spent fruitlessly in New York state in an attempt to stop the Child Victims Act that would give survivors until age 55 to seek justice for their assault, it appears to some that the church is saying one thing but doing another.

The biggest concern many Catholics have over these figures? Just where this money came from. While there is no known data, it is suspected that the money spent lobbying against protection for sexual abuse victims came from the Sunday donation plate at churches.