If you’re thinking about upgrading your iPhone, you should wait a few weeks. Late summer is the worst time of year to buy a new iPhone because Apple’s big reveal events are only a few weeks away. If you can be patient for about a month, you’ll have a lot more options on your plate – and you’ll be able to get better deals, too.

Like Clockwork

Apple’s been doing this for a while. The company has released 13 generations of iPhone technology, and it’s fallen into a very predictable release schedule. Every year, around early fall, Apple holds a huge reveal event where it shows off the latest iPhones, including whatever incremental design changes the featureless black rectangle has this year.

When Apple shows off the newest phones, it causes two things to happen. One is that tech writers gush about the numbers in the processor going up again. The other is that the prices of the older, now basically obsolete, phones drop considerably.

It’s much easier to get a deal on an older iPhone when everyone is drooling over the latest mind-blowing specs from the upcoming model.

When Is the iPhone 14 Coming?

So, if you’re thinking about buying an iPhone 13, stop for a minute. The company unveiled the iPhone 13 on September 14, and released it, alongside iOS 15, on September 24. Before that, the company announced the iPhone 8 in September. Some new models have fallen later in the year than that, with the iPhone 12 landing in October – but that was 2020, and everything was weird that year. 

So, if you wait a few weeks, you’ll likely hear all about the new iPhone and how it can automatically detect when you’re about to pick it up and fire up apps you normally use. You know, quality-of-life stuff that you totally need your phone to do. 

Why Does This Matter?

Even if you’re not dedicated to keeping up with the latest iPhone releases, it’s important to stay aware of Apple’s release schedule so you don’t buy a phone that’s a few weeks away from a price drop. Before Apple announced the iPhone 13, the iPhone 12 was $800. After the new model was revealed, it dropped to $700.

I don’t know about you, but $100 is a lot of money for me. So, if you can save that much (or more) by waiting a few weeks, why not hold off on a new purchase?