Boy Escapes Death Thanks to Mother Who Leaped to Save Him from 4th Story Balcony Fall

In a crazy display of a mother’s instinct, a video posted on Reddit shows a boy narrowly escaping a deadly fall thanks to his mother’s quick reflexes.

The incident took place on Wednesday in the Laureles Colonial building in Medellin, Colombia, according to reports from El Espectador.

 Toddler Tumbles Over Edge, Mother Jumps Into Action

CCTV footage shows the woman waiting at a door, while the toddler decides to check out the railing of the staircase that is next to them. The boy crouches down, leans forward, and puts his hands out, apparently thinking that there is a pane of glass overlooking the staircase. But there is no pane of glass, and the area is empty. The toddler loses his balance and tumbles over the edge.

In a split-second, the mother jumps into action and throws herself over the edge to grab her son. She manages to bring him back to safety, saving him from the deadly fall.

It is unknown if the boy sustained any injuries from the incident.