Bizarre Idaho Missing Children Case Sees Chad Daybell Arrested


The two children of Lori Vallow went missing in September, shortly after she married a man named Chad Daybell. Since the news of the children’s disappearance broke in December, the case has only grown stranger. On Tuesday, Daybell was arrested after authorities with a search warrant found human remains on his property. He has been charged with concealing or destroying evidence.

In February, Lori Vallow was arrested in Hawaii for failing to bring her children to authorities in Rexburg, Idaho. Her two children, Joshua “JJ” Vallow and Tylee Ryan, haven’t been seen since September. Even stranger, both Vallow and Daybell have late spouses who have died in recent months.

What Is Going on in This Case?

This case only gets more unhinged as authorities dig deeper. In December, the case was made public, and it was announced that Joshua and Tylee were missing. Further, authorities confirmed they were unable to locate Daybell or Vallow for comment. It was initially reported that the two had been recently married in Hawaii.

Later, Vallow was arrested in Hawaii after failing to meet a court-ordered deadline to produce her children in Idaho. Daybell and Vallow’s Hawaii wedding was a strange affair, with neither of Vallow’s children anywhere to be seen. Notably, Daybell’s former wife of 30 years, Tammy, had died only weeks before. Authorities now believe her death was under “suspicious circumstances.”

Rabbit Hole Goes Deeper

Daybell himself is a self-published author of various doomsday theories. People who were friends of the couple have noted that they hold “divergent” religious beliefs. What’s more, a string of mysterious and suspicious deaths have followed Vallow and Daybell in recent years.

In October, Tammy Daybell, Chad’s first wife, was found dead. Chad Daybell said she died in her sleep, though authorities are now unsure if that is true. In July, Lori Vallow’s ex-husband Charles Vallow was allegedly shot and killed by Alex Cox, Lori’s brother. Cox claims he acted in self-defense when an argument got heated, but detectives are doubtful of this story.

In December, Cox himself was found dead of an apparent pulmonary blood clot. This strange string of deaths is made all the more unusual by Vallow and Daybell’s alleged cult-like doomsday beliefs. Charles Vallow divorced Lori after she began delving into fringe “doomsday prepper” beliefs. Charles alleged in divorce filings that she had threatened to kill him. This is an ongoing case, and more details will likely surface in the course of the investigation.