It’s almost time for the holidays, which means you’re probably thinking about buying gifts for your loved ones. If any of them have asked for a new smartphone for Christmas, you might be wondering which one is the best.

To help you narrow it down, we’re breaking down the top Android phones you can buy this holiday season. From high-end Samsung Galaxy phones to affordable flagship models, we’ve got you covered. Read on for our picks for the best phones you can get as a gift this Christmas!

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung makes some of the finest smartphones money can buy. Their high-end handsets rival companies like Apple in terms of screen resolution, performance, and overall sleekness. If you’re looking to get someone a downright stellar Christmas present, you can’t go wrong with the latest flagship phone from Samsung.

The S22 Ultra is among the best Android phones ever made. It’s got a massive, eye-catching screen, a handy stylus for productivity, and a gigantic amount of battery life. It’s also equipped with some downright impressive low-light cameras, making it as practical as it is flashy.

Google Pixel 6A

Google’s Pixel phones are great because they offer a boutique experience within the Android system. If you’re used to the freedom of Android but want something a bit more hand-picked, a PIxel is perfect for you. Likewise, if you want a budget-friendly flagship phone, the Pixel 6A might just check all the boxes.

The 6A fits a lot of power into a small, affordable package. It’s not the biggest phone on the market, but it more than makes up for its small size with a gorgeous screen and a genuinely impressive set of cameras that don’t seem like they’d come equipped with such an affordable handset. 

OnePlus 10 Pro

You might not be as familiar with the name OnePlus as you are with Google or Samsung, but don’t let that keep you from checking out the company’s excellent 10 Pro model. It’s the newest flagship phone from the Chinese tech giant, and it’s well worth the price.

It might not have the powerful cameras you’d expect from the Pixel or Galaxy, but it offers great performance for its price and gives you plenty of screen space for a reasonable buy-in. It’s also good on battery life, offering you plenty of juice for your all-day phone needs. Best of all, it’s a pretty phone, so it’ll look great when it’s unwrapped on Christmas morning!