Bernie Sanders Gets Negative on Campaign, Elizabeth Warren “Disappointed”

As far as political rivals go, Senator Bernie Sanders (VT) and Senator Elizabeth Warren (MA) have been pretty friendly throughout this campaign. They’re fighting for the same position – 2020 Democratic Nominee for President – so their civility has been a pleasant surprise.

However, it seems that this polite mood has finally come to an end. Elizabeth Warren is reportedly “disappointed” by a new script given to Sanders volunteers that paints her in a negative light.

Bernie, however, is distancing himself from the entire situation.

What the Negative Script Says

Politico was the first to report on the script as a major change to the Sanders campaign, and it’s been gaining a lot of media momentum.

The script is given to campaign volunteers to help them stay on message and support Bernie. In it, volunteers are supposed to say, “people who support her [Elizabeth Warren] are highly-educated, more affluent people who are going to show up and vote Democratic no matter what.”

It continues with the idea that Warren is “bringing no new bases into the Democratic Party.”

The script suggests that Warren is the candidate for the elite, the rich and the high-and-mighty, while Sanders is the every-Democratic-man’s candidate.

In Bernie’s defense, the script does state that Warren is his “second choice.”

Sanders Dismisses Warren’s Disappointment

Bernie Sanders does not seem to care that he is breaking their non-aggression pact and going after Warren in this new script.

Sanders called the whole thing a “bit of a media blow-up,” and even went as far as to call her a “very good friend” on Sunday at a rally in Iowa. “No one is going to trash Elizabeth.” He said.

No one… but himself?

“We have hundreds of employees. Elizabeth Warren has hundreds of employees. And people sometimes say things they shouldn’t,” Sanders noted as he dismissed the issue.

But this isn’t about employees saying something they shouldn’t – it’s about a prewritten script that volunteers are told to use.

Warren’s camp sent out an email saying that while they have “all the respect in the world” for Sanders, “his campaign has it backwards … I hope he reconsiders what he’s encouraging.”

The biggest fear from Democratic officials right now is a major split in the party, which could be a disaster for the upcoming elections. Many fear a repeat of the 2016 elections that allowed republicans to take the White House.