Chad North, Writer

Chad began writing in the blogosphere while going to college for journalism and political science. Being a writer is more than just a job for Chad — it’s his passion. He finds writing factual reporting on current events to be extremely important — especially in these days of social media where inaccuracy runs rampant.

Chad connected with Lawrence Hinton and was offered the position to take over the majority of writing for JustTheReviewDaily. He works closely with Lawrence on selecting news stories and delivering the most accurate information to readers.

Lawrence Hinton, Editor & Contributor

Lawrence was the first writer for JustTheReviewDaily, covering the latest news and events each day. He studied computer science and journalism in college before deciding to combine the two and move his career into the world of digital publishing.

These days, Lawrence has taken on the role of editor and occasional contributor. He works with Chad North to gather sources on the latest breaking news and prioritize coverage. He is also responsible for checking the accuracy and grammar for every published piece.