As COVID Spreads Among American Leadership, Biden Pulls Ahead in Polls


President Donald Trump has tested positive for COVID-19, as has his wife, Melania. However, it doesn’t end with him: Stephen Miller, Hope Hicks, and Kayleigh McEnany are among the names of White House personnel infected with the virus.

Now, several Pentagon leaders are quarantining after being exposed to the virus. Members of Congressional Republican leadership have tested positive for the coronavirus.

Suffice it to say, American top leadership is in something of a crisis moment. With a pandemic that has raged among the populace now finding its way into elite circles, one thing is clear.

Not only is COVID-19 a serious threat, but it’s a threat that doesn’t care about your background or job description. As top government officials struggle to contain the virus among their own ranks, Joe Biden is surging in polls ahead of the election.

New Poll Shows Biden Surging

In a new CNN poll, voters show that nationally they favor Biden over Trump by 18 points. That’s the sharpest divide among the candidates yet recorded by a national poll. More pressingly for the Trump Campaign, that same poll shows that only one out of ten national voters feels as though they could be swayed in their current pick.

That means there are few people who the Trump campaign could reach to try to reverse this trend. Polls are also showing that Trump is either tied or flagging in numerous battleground states, which could spell disaster in the Electoral College.

Why is This Happening?

The sudden gulf between Biden and Trump might come as a surprise to some conservatives. However, political strategists have seen this coming.

Following last week’s presidential debate, few people felt as though Trump made a compelling case on the national stage. This had a slight impact on his national standing.

However, the biggest impact on Trump’s national standing recently has been his COVID-19 diagnosis. After months of downplaying the virus, as Trump told reporter Bob Woodward, he has suddenly been diagnosed with the disease.

This has had the effect of taking a lot of the bite out of Trump’s normally fiery rhetoric. A man who once prided himself on projecting strength has suddenly come face-to-face with a virus that has ravaged the American people.

Now that Trump is battling the virus he himself downplayed, there’s something that the country can see in black and white that he tried to hide. The virus is serious, it can affect anyone, and even the person telling you not to worry is to be questioned.