As Biden Leads Trump in Pivotal Swing States, Trump Lashes Out


Many national polls have shown Democratic candidate Joe Biden leading incumbent Donald Trump in critical swing states. A recent USA Today/Suffolk University poll shows Biden leading Trump by seven points in critical Pennsylvania, a state Trump carried by less than a percentage point in 2016.

Some 49 percent of those polled said they supported Biden, while only 42 percent said they preferred Trump.

Having nearly half of respondents answer in favor of Biden is a troubling sign for the Trump campaign. Pennsylvania, as well as Michigan and Wisconsin, are all but necessary to most likely paths to an Electoral College victory for either candidate.

The race in these swing states only continues to heat up as Election Day draws near, but Trump is seemingly acting out of desperation in the face of grim polling numbers.

Trump Lashes Out

Recent reports hold that Trump stormed out of a 60 Minutes interview with reporter Lesley Stahl. After reportedly sitting for roughly 45 minutes of the interview, the president grew frustrated with the line of questioning and stormed out.

According to those close to the incident, Stahl’s questioning focused on the coronavirus pandemic. In a weird display of childishness, Trump then tweeted a photo of Stahl not wearing a mask in the White House.

According to Stahl’s producers, the image was captured moments after the interview was called off by Trump, and the reporter had not yet returned to collect her things, including the mask she was wearing when she entered the White House.

Accusations of Corruption

During a call with Fox News, Trump went on to call on Attorney General William Barr to openly investigate Joe Biden’s son Hunter for his alleged connections to Ukrainian business interests. This line of investigation led to Trump’s 2018 Ukrainian phone scandal, which, in turn, set in motion the events of Trump’s 2019 impeachment.

However, the president has shown a repeated desire to use his office to turn the legal mechanisms of the United States against his political opponents. One of his earlier campaign slogans in 2016 was “lock her up,” directed at Hillary Clinton. Since then, he has consistently accused his political opponents of acting illegally and threatened to jail them.

All of these recent antics seem aimed at stoking a fire under Trump’s ever loyal base. However, the incumbent is in desperate need of moderate voters if he is to reverse the polling that shows Biden leading him in pivotal swing states. It seems unlikely that such a sea change will come, but there are still two weeks before the election.