Apple Unveils iPhone 14, AirPods Pro 2, and More


Apple’s annual Far Out tech show has come and gone, and the company announced a slew of new products that fans can expect to see in stores before the end of the year. The iPhone 14 and new Apple Watch Series 8 will both be available before the end of the month, and they’re up for preorder now!

Here are some of the headlines from Apple’s massive tech show and what you can expect to see from the Cupertino-based tech giant for the rest of 2022. 

iPhone 14

The iPhone 14 picks up where the iPhone 13 left off, going with an even brighter HDR-enabled screen, an even faster internal processor, and more battery life. The new iPhone starts at $800, making it comparable in price to its predecessor, but it’ll also pack a few more features. Notably, the camera array is getting a software overhaul to perform even better in low light conditions.

The new phone will also be the first Apple device to use eSIMs instead of physical SIM cards in the US. It’s among the first phones adopting the new standard, which will reportedly help cell phone carriers streamline the process of activating new handsets. 

Apple Watch Series 8

The new Series 8 Apple Watch will come out later in September. It’s going to be the most advanced wearable technology Apple has yet released, including new features such as an always-on display, a larger screen, and improved battery life. The new safety features were the main focus for Apple, including a new crash-detection feature that can alert authorities when you get into a car accident.

There are also new colors and wristbands to choose from – a minor detail for some people, but exciting for others who like to personalize their wearable technology. The new watch will retail starting at $399 and will include three free months of Apple Fitness Plus. 

Apple AirPods Pro 2

The Far Out show also featured the reveal of the second generation of Apple’s AirPods Pro. These premium wireless earbuds sport active noise canceling technology, silicone tips for a snug in-ear fit, and spatial audio performance. The original AirPods Pro are among the best earbuds money can buy, so fans are excited to try out the new AirPods Pro 2.

The next generation of AirPods will retail for $249 and should hit store shelves by the end of September. If you’re ready to upgrade your personal tech, it’s time to head to the Apple store and put in some pre-orders.