Apple Unveils iOS 16 at WWDC


Cupertino-based tech giant Apple unveiled its latest mobile operating system, iOS 16, at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference. The reveal surprised some tech analysts due to how many new features will be released in the upcoming iOS refresh, a stark contrast to the relatively iterative iOS 15 released last year.

Apple’s consistent release schedule makes it a bit difficult for analysts to be surprised by what the company does. Experts can reliably expect to see the company unveil new software and hardware throughout the summer, and release the latest iterations of its popular devices in the fall and winter months. However, this year, the new operating system is full of unique features that could dramatically shake up the smartphone race in the holiday season. 

Customizable Lock Screen

Android users who pick up iPhones have noted for years that the iOS interface isn’t nearly as customizable as the Android OS interface. This is especially true of the lock screen, which is always the same across all iPhones. The new iOS 16 will change that, though.

Once the new OS goes live, users will be able to edit their lock screens by holding the lock button. There will be a series of filters, styles, and widgets available to choose from. This very Android-style interface will be a welcome change for iOS users who want more granularity out of their smartphones.

Editing and Unsending Texts

One of the biggest changes coming to iOS 16 is the ability to edit and even unsend messages through iMessage. This brings the popular texting app in line with services like Discord and Slack, which allow users to edit their typos after sending messages. If they do so, users will see a small “edited” notice under their messages.

The unsend feature will allow users to hit “undo” if they inadvertently send an unfinished message, preventing it from being delivered. This will only be available for a short period of time after the message has been sent, but it will save some people the embarrassment of sending a half-finished message or a text meant for someone else.

Notification Changes

Another meaningful change in the new OS will pertain to notifications. Lock screen notifications will now appear at the bottom of the screen, instead of the top, to keep them clear of lock screen images and widgets. Moreover, the new OS will feature “Live Activities” notifications that group notifications from live events together. This will make messages from live apps easier to read, such as sporting event score updates.