Apple to Redesign iPhone This Year

According to a new report, Apple is planning to once again redesign their flagship line of cellphones. The report, published by Bloomberg, suggests that this year will mark a redesign as significant as 2017’s iPhone X, which redefined the phone’s design language for years.

Redesign on the Horizon

The company is rumored to be redesigning the “iPhone Pro” to have flat sides, rather than curved. This will bring it more in line with the iPad Pro, which sports flat sides. Some reports have held that the glass screen will also be flat, while others have suggested it will still sport a slightly curved screen.

Another rumored design update is the assertion that the trademark notch at the top of the screen will be getting smaller. The notch, first introduced on 2017’s iPhone X, proved divisive at the time. Some liked the unique screen silhouette the notch afforded, while others found it an ugly break in an otherwise pristine screen.

Apple seems to have taken the criticism into account in the redesign. The new iPhone will allegedly sport a narrower notch. This will afford more space to important technology like face cameras and the earpiece for talking on the phone.

Four Phones Coming

The Bloomberg report holds that the company has four phones on the horizon for 2020. Two of them will be higher-end iPhone Pro models, likely one with a 5.4 inch screen and one with a 6.7 inch screen. These will be the flagship phones of the new design.

Meanwhile, the two lower-end phones will replace the iPhone 11. These will likely be more budget-conscious, though for Apple, that could still be hundreds of dollars more expensive than the competition. The lower-end phones will likely only have two cameras, as opposed to the three seen on the other phones in the line.

Other Apple News

Bloomberg has also reported that Apple will be launching a less-expensive variant of their HomePod smart speaker. Apple has been famously losing the smart speaker war to Amazon. Even Google,  a minor player in the home speaker field, has been out-selling Apple. Many attribute the HomePod’s poor sales to its very high base price.

Other news in the report holds that Apple will soon be releasing a new MacBook Pro, new Apple TV, another entry in their iMac line, and a new entry-model iPad. However, sadly, the report includes no details on new features in any of the aforementioned devices. However, Apple fans have quite the 2020 to look forward to.