App of the Day: Google Arts and Culture

While we’re not sure if many people are using it to actually learn about art and culture, the new Google Arts and Culture app (available at has recently created an online fad that is hard to miss.

Good for a Laugh

The question is whether your likeness is hanging in an art museum somewhere in the world… All you need to do to find out is take a selfie with the Google Arts and Culture app and let it compare your face to its vast database of art and returns a selection of similar faces.

The results are sometimes eerie and sometimes hilarious. You’ve probably seen these popping up in your social media feeds already. But is this all the Google Arts and Culture app is good for?

More Than Just for Giggles

The Google Arts and Culture app actually has more to offer than just using computer vision to find a painted face similar to yours.

Google has collaborated with other 1,200 international museums, galleries and institutions in 70 counties to make exhibits available online for anyone to use.

There’s virtual reality support for Google Cardboard, the ability to zoom in close to see every detail of the artwork on display, virtual tours of the most famous museums in the world and more.

As you find artwork that you like, you can add it to your personal collection. You can then share your collection with friends, so they know just how sophisticated your tastes are.

An art recognizer feature allows you to point your camera at a piece of art and learn more about it. This is great for self-guided museum tours and even works offline in some museums.


Yes, the Google Arts and Culture app is on fire right now because of the fun little fad that has taken social media feeds by storm. But if you are interested in learning more about art, this is a very powerful app that could open your eyes to a bigger world.