Amazon to Launch First Line of Branded Fire TVs


Amazon has branched out into yet another aspect of home entertainment media with the release of their own line of Fire TVs. This isn’t a new space for Amazon, though: the company has ventured into the home media space before, both with their Echo line of smart speakers and with their Fire TV Sticks.

Notably, this is the first time Amazon has made their own TV hardware, marking the company’s first venture into display technology. This is a bit different from some prior outings: previously, Amazon and Best Buy teamed up to sell some Toshiba and Insignia-branded TVs that ran Amazon’s Fire TV operating system. So, what makes the new TVs so special?

A Brand of Their Own

The new Amazon-branded TVs are their own line, not a subset of another manufacturer’s products. Amazon’s been looking to break into this space for years, essentially positioning itself as a rival to Roku, another popular streaming hub that can be found in both standalone technology and built into smart TVs.

The new TVs sound like they’re going to be well-positioned ahead of the holiday shopping season. Amazon has announced that these new panels will sport 4K displays and will support HDR10. Put simply, they’re going to look very pretty when you stream 4K content on them. The higher-tier TVs in the range will sport slim bezels and will even have support for Dolby Vision HDR, an even smoother and brighter color standard than normal HDR10.

What to Look For

Amazon is launching two TV lines: the first, the Amazon Fire TV 4-Series, is the intro-level brand. This one starts at $370 for a 43-inch panel, making it the budget option out of the lineup. The 4-Series will cap out at just 55-inches with a $520 display. The Omni Series, meanwhile, will sport more robust features and better display options across the board.

The Omni Series will start at $410 for its 43-inch panel, while the display range will go all the way up to a whopping 75-inch display that will go for $1,100. The 65- and 75-inch displays will be the flagship TVs of the lineup, sporting the aforementioned Dolby Vision HDR.

Amazon is focusing on the new TVs’ integration of Alexa-powered voice commands. These commands, Amazon insists, will make navigating your streaming services that much easier. The idea of using “Hey, Alexa” based commands without needing a remote handy certainly does sound like the hands-free smart home experience many Alexa enthusiasts have been asking for.